10 April 2014

So - I might have skipped March.

Just to busy to do anything here - almost too busy to fish, really.
I'll start trying to keep up - there's the recap of the Bassmaster Elite event on the 20th - on ESPN2 -I'll have to watch that, and the pre-spawn bite should continue to be great for Bass and Crappie - Try to hit the rivers flowing into Stockton, Table Rock or Bull Shoals this week - fishing for White Bass should be at it's peak.

26 February 2014

OzarkAnglers.com Winter Fishing seminar: Al Agnew on Smallmouth Bass.

The Ozarkanglers.com inter seminars are a good way to get enthusiastic about the upcoming spring fishing. This Friday, February 28th – Al Agnew, Smallmouth Stream Fishing – MDC Nature Center, at 7:00 P.M.If you fish rivers for "Brown Bass" you will want to attend - I caught a previous seminar by Al and it's definitely worth the price of admission - it's free. Be there or lose out on the insight of one of our best Stream Smallmouth fishermen.

21 November 2013

Thanks blogger, my spellchecker reverted to no spell check for a couple of hundred posts.

15 November 2013

Be careful out there tomorrow...

Missouri's Firearms Deer season opens tomorrow - I watched my neighbor loading up the pop-up trailer and getting everything ready to head out when walking the dog this morning in the pre-dawn darkness - everyone is just itching to get out there and get their deer, but be careful and keep your common sense - let's keep the number of accidents on the downward trend. Last year there were three fatalities directly related to firearms deer season, however two were the result of people not unloading rifles before trying to get them up into their tree stand, which is their own fault - only one was someone firing a gun at another person thinking they were a deer - and as it turned out that unfortunate person wasn't wearing a blaze orange vest, which is required by the regulations, so in a way it's their fault, too, along with the dummy who wasn't sure what he was flinging lead at. Anyway - be smart and careful out there, I'm giving it a pass this year and waiting for next Saturday's South Zone Duck opener.