24 October 2012

Taneycomo in the rain.

I have to take my time off when I can get it - so the torrential downpour the Ozarks experienced two Fridays ago didn't stop me one bit. It's gas and go and damn the rain if it's warm out at all so that's what I did - headed out to Taneycomo through the storm. There was plenty of lightning and heavy rain as I was making the half-hour trip down 65, I thought about the days when 65 was two lanes and you would use those very expensive cell-phone minutes to call the numbers to makes sure they weren't running the generators as you were driving down - it's sure easier now with the Internet and quick updates to the power generation website.  When I arrived at the parking lot by the boat ramp I was surprised that there wasn't even one other vehicle parked there - the empty lot was a good sign. I know the upper lot probably had some folks up there - closer to the dam always is more busy than the lower access and although the lower access has less "fishy" habitat it usually has a better shot at big Browns than the upper access.

When I was planning to fish Taney I thought about using fly gear but since I've been doing a long term test of Berkley's Nanofil I decided to use the spinning gear with that on the spool. I've been using 6-pound test Nanofil which is about the same diameter as 1-pound mono - it's super slick and casts like nothing else - even better than my old favorite Fireline.

I caught a few on the smaller sized Husky Jerks and XRaps but did best on a 1/6th-ounce Thomas Buoyant spoon in the Rainbow Trout pattern - it's really a good spoon for when the water is low.
I did try a #16 scud under a float but it wasn't working as well as the spoon.

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